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la galerie terms and conditions

La Galerie terms and conditions

This is a legally binding contract between the property owner, and the nominated party leader and every adult member of the rental party (the client).

By reserving accommodation and paying an arrhes (part-payment non-refundable), the client agrees to our terms and conditions.

To reserve a room or rooms, the client should pay a minimum payment / arrhes of one night or 33% of the room rate. To reserve the apartment, the client should pay a minimum payment / arrhes of 33% of the total apartment cost and with the balance to be paid one month prior to the arrival date.

Any "Special Offers" advertised refer to room rates only. "Special Offers" only apply to advanced bookings reserved with a deposit. The prices, special offers, facilities available and terms and conditions on this website: www.lagaleriecatus.com take precedence over any prices, special offers, facilities available and terms and conditions on any other websites / adverts.


Failure to pay the deposit (arrhes) in full will constitute a cancellation of the reservation by the client.

On confirming a reservation with a deposit / arrhes, the client is responsible for full payment in the event of a cancellation.

Any alterations made to the reservation i.e. date changes, length of stay, made by the client, will constitute a cancellation unless agreed to by the property owner.


The guest/client should keep the accommodation and furniture, fittings and effects in the same state of repair and condition as at the commencement of the rental period. The property should also be left in the same state of general order in which it was found. The owner reserves the right to make a charge to cover additional cleaning costs (100 euros) if the guest/client leaves the property in an unacceptable condition. The guest/client will be responsible for all damages or losses of the contents during their occupation of the property. If any additional costs are incurred, these must be paid for before departure.

The property owner is entitled to ask the guest/client to leave the property without any refund and all costs paid in full, if in the owners opinion the behaviour of the guest/client and/or the guest’s/client's party is unacceptable, and to cancel the contract with immediate effect.

The rooms and facilities at La Galerie are only for the use of our guest's/client's. Guests/clients may not invite friends or relatives to use the rooms and facilities at La Galerie unless permission is given in advance. The maximum number to reside in each room must not exceed that agreed when booking.

It is up to the guest/client to make any problem known to the owner immediately it becomes apparent so that the owner has an opportunity to correct the situation. It also must be accepted by the guest/client that there are times when professionals cannot immediately be found to rectify a problem. The owner will, however, do their best to rectify problems as soon as is reasonably possible.

The rental period of a room will start from 17:00 (5:00 pm) the day of arrival and finish at 10:30 on the departure day. The rental period of the apartment will start from 17:00 (5:00 pm) the day of arrival and finish at 10:00 on the departure day. The owner cannot be held responsible for any changes to guest’s/client’s travel arrangements.

The swimming pool will be open in season. The swimming pool will be closed at certain times for maintenance. Any facility can be withdrawn from use without prior notice.

No pets are allowed on the property.

No smoking in any of the rooms or in the apartment.

Under no circumstances shall the owner's liability to the client exceed the amount paid to the owner for the rental period.

These terms and conditions can be amended and added to at any time.



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